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Visual Studio benefit Pluralsight

However, you can only receive up to 12 gift cards (worth $240) from your successful referrals, which will provide you 8 months of Pluralsight monthly subscription. However, Pluralsight still offers six months and three months of free access to Visual Studio users, but there’s a catch; the Visual Studio user has to have an annual paid plan of Visual Studio. Nevertheless, the free subscription to Pluralsight is a win, and to enable the benefit, follow the steps mentioned below. Today I got to know that pluralsight is offering a free subscription of their entire library for a period of 6 months of premium account. That is like jackpot for any developer who wants to learn some new technology or to brush up the technical concepts already known.

I know Nigel Poulton has some courses there on Kubernetes and Docker. Based on his books, and the audio adaptations of them, I expect his Pluralsight courses to be of high quality. One of my favorites in that category is Algorithms and Data Structures Part 1/2. There are also some CS courses that are geared towards specific languages like C++, F#, Python etc. After logging in, you’re able to click on ‘Active your Pluralsight benefit’.

If you’re looking for intermediate to senior level video courses, I’d check out Nick Chapsas on YouTube, just search through his videos and see if he talks about the topic you want. If you are in C# and .Net world it might be worth to try it out one to two months and go through the learning path. It has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies, ranking as the #9 Top Education company and the #19 Top Utah company. In October 2017, Pluralsight was named #29 on MountainWest Capital Network’s Utah 100 list.

On October 31, Pluralsight acquired Tekpub, producer of a series of screencasts on new development technologies, for an undisclosed amount. Co-founder Rob Conery joined Pluralsight, and continues to produce training videos under its brand. Other authors from Tekpub, including Jon Skeet and Scott Hanselman, also became Pluralsight authors. Pluralsight in partnerships with multiple companies offers benefits such as free access to Pluralsight paid plan up to 3 months, 6 months or even for a year.

How to Activate Your MSDN Pluralsight Benefit

Pluralsight also partnered with LaunchCode in November 2014 to help candidates secure jobs in technology by offering one year of free access to the Pluralsight course library. In December 2014, the company supported the “Hour of Code” movement by hosting an hour of code for a week. More than 200 students across the state participated. For most of its history, Pluralsight grew its author base and course catalog from within. Starting in 2013, it has acquired a number of e-learning and education companies to bolster its technology, course offerings, and executive leadership. Visit your Visual Studio subscriptions page and click activate the Pluralsight benefit.

msdn pluralsight

My mistake was going to Pluralsight’s site first, expecting a link here, or on MSDN’s home page. I think it depends on how you learn, but I’ve never found any of these video course sites to be particularly helpful once you’re past beginner level. I find the courses to be very very variable in quality and use. Personally I wouldn’t pay for it, but if work are willing to I’ll take it.

You can now jump directly to some resources in Azure Resource Explorer from Azure preview portal

Lynda , Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, edx, and w3schools are some of the mainstream platforms to learn online. But wait, there is one another popular platform, founded in 2004, called Pluralsight that focuses on being the best technology skills platform. In 2020, Pluralsight partnered with Google and Andela for a developer skills program available to all countries in Africa. The program, Google Africa Developer Scholarship, offers all participants free access to Pluralsight’s training courses.

In December 2012, the company raised $27.5 million in Series A funding from Insight Venture Partners. On March 18, 2014, it received an additional $2.5 million in Series A Funding. Co-founder and CEO Aaron Skonnard stated that after this round of funding, the company’s valuation High Tech Java Developer Jobs had increased from less than $100 million in 2012 to nearly $1 billion. Pluralsight was reportedly working with roughly 40% of Fortune 500 companies in 2017 and with 70% by 2019. That year, business-to-business sales accounted for 86% of the company’s billings.

On June 2, 2021, Pluralsight announced the acquisition of A Cloud Guru, an Austin, Texas provider of an interactive, online learning platform designed to help IT professionals re-skill in cloud technology. On July 24, 2013, it acquired PeepCode, a provider of open source training to developers, for an undisclosed amount. On August 5, it acquired Chicago-based TrainSignal, a company providing training for Information technology personnel, for $23.6 million. It absorbed 35 TrainSignal employees, and maintained its office in Chicago as a satellite.

msdn pluralsight

You can redeem a Pluralsight benefit once during each Visual Studio subscription period. For more details about the length of the Visual Studio benefit subscription, please visit your Visual Studio subscriptions page . It looks like there are only a few number of subscription are allowed. So better you hurry, better are the chances to get the subscription. If not still you should be able to get subscription for 3 months which is also not bad, as the amount of knowledge we can get from pluralsight is awesome.

I feel that they offer good content but once you reach advance levels of knowledge everything feels tailored to beginners or advanced-beginners. Authors themselves are vetted before becoming accepted and all content is reviewed for accuracy and quality. I haven’t used their product in a couple years now as I’ve shifted into management and my organization has a lot of internal management training courses that will keep me busy for years. Still though, Pluralsight is where I go back to when I want to pick up a new specialist skill. I don’t know how polished their non-Microsoft materials are, but almost any course I’ve encountered on Microsoft-related technologies have been excellent. You can probably get LinkedIn learning or courses for free with your library card.

Approximately 30 employees from Digital-Tutors joined Pluralsight. Pluralsight maintained the former Digital-Tutors headquarters in Oklahoma City as a satellite office. On November 19, Pluralsight announced it had acquired Smarterer, an online skills assessment platform, for $75 million. Based in Boston, Smarterer was founded in 2010 and was backed by Google Ventures, among others. Smarterer founder and CEO Dave Balter stated that his entire 18-person staff would remain with the company. Through a subscription business model, Pluralsight provides online professional tech training to individual and business customers.


The company pays its course authors a royalty, based on how often their videos are viewed. In 2013, author Scott Allen became the first of its authors to earn over $1 million in royalties from his courses. Pluralsight also offers individual annual subscription benefits to Microsoft MVPs, RDs, and VMware Experts. To receive 12 months Pluralsight subscription, you will need to fill out this form with a link to your expert profile . In this left hand side you will see the option to activate the pluralsight subscription. One you will activate it you will get an link to the registered mail id which should be able to help you create a free 6 months subscription to the pluralsight library.

I get a free subscription from work and I started using it in June 2019. At this point, learning through that platform has become a lifestyle with my profile indicating that I have watched over 2,400 hours of content. I can safely say that it has taught me pretty much everything I know. If you have any questions about the content, let me know. The only problem with subscription based service is that it’s not life time access like Udemy where you can purchase something and keep it for a year. On July 19, 2016, Pluralsight announced it had acquired Train Simple, a video training company with a focus on Adobe software.

  • In the past, Microsoft and Pluralsight partnered to give Microsoft Azure learners access to free Azure content on Pluralsight Skills.
  • In this left hand side you will see the option to activate the pluralsight subscription.
  • Happy routes and dead ends; what to think about when designing for voice.
  • I’d rather a Udemy sub based on experience with courses there.

And the best thing is to activate these benefits, you won’t be required to enter your credit card details. On April 9, 2014, Pluralsight announced it acquired Digital-Tutors, a company providing training for creative professionals, for $45 million. This acquisition expanded the company’s training catalog to more than 3000 titles, broadening its topic coverage to media and design.

Business model

For the first nine years, the company and its founders received no outside funding. In April 2021, Vista Equity Partners successfully completed its acquisition of Pluralsight for $22.50 per share. Happy routes and dead ends; what to think about when designing for voice.

Pluralsight is an online library of the technical video tutorials compiled by the renowned authors of the respective technical fields. This is the offer which no developer should miss at any cost. I hope most of you should know about pluralsight,if not I can give you a brief introduction about it.

Pluralsight is really good IMHO, but it’s not worth to pay out of your own pocket for full year. In past I used to sign up for a month or two for the stuff I wanted to learn. Aaron is a co-founder of Pluralsight where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Aaron has spent years developing course materials and teaching professional developers throughout the world. He has presented at many popular developer conferences like PDC, TechEd, and VSLive! Microsoft recognized Aaron as an MVP in the “Connected Systems” developer community for eight years.

What you get is dependent on your MSDN subscription level. Or any of the other 7,000+ courses from some of the most knowledgeable devs who happen to be great at teaching …. I pay for it myself and the amount of .NET content has decreased as they expand to other types of content. There’s some great stuff there though if you do it at 2x speed then come back to do exercises later. When Pluralsight first started, its four founders each contributed $5,000.

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